The Humble Beginnings of Garland Millet

The Southern Pacific Railroad operated the Del Monte passenger train between  San Francisco  and   Monterey, California , between 1889 and 1971. A  sleeping car  operated briefly over the 125-mile route beginning in 1926.  After  World War II , the Del Monte pulled a  mail car , three or four  coaches , a news-agent coach serving light snacks, and a  parlor car .
Oliver Millet worked as a parlor car attendant for 32 years. Because of his trustworthy service, the parlor car was named Oliver Millet in 1947 when he retired. He was the only Southern Pacific employee recognized by a car name.
One of Millet’s sons, Garland, occasionally worked as a parlor car attendant during his younger years to help make financial ends meet. Garland J. Millet later served as the fifth president of Oakwood College, from 1954 to 1963.
The Del Monte ran until April 30, 1971. The tracks were removed in the 1980s in Pacific Grove and Monterey, and the former right-of-way is now the Monterey Bay Recreation Trail.  (References: Wikipedia and Debbe Millet)

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