SACSCOC – From the President’s Desk

This past Sunday, at 6:00 p.m., we received word from Southern Association of Colleges and Schools SACSCOC Vice-President Dr. Nuria Cuevas, who reported that Oakwood’s evidence-based responses to SACSCOC’s evaluation standards had been accepted and that the report satisfied all requirements. Our next full report is due in 2022. This means that we, as a University, are currently in the data-gathering process that will give evidence of continuous improvement and sustainability.

I wish to thank the entire team of administrators, faculty and staff who contributed to the successful submission of the 2017 fifth-year report. Work of this nature is always a team effort and the product of collective input and corporate intelligence. I extend special thanks to each of the section writers, data gatherers, and team leaders. And to God be the Glory.

During this holiday season, we are reaching out to individuals who started their educational journey at Oakwood, “life got in the way,” and they now want to experience graduation from Oakwood University. We have a program for people who are at least 25 years of age, and have 30 hours of college credit. It’s called the LEAP Program. The video below is an invitation to finish what you have started.

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by Maquisha Mullins, PhD, Interim Director, Oakwood University IMPR Dear graduating class of 2024,

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The mission of Oakwood University, a historically black, Seventh-day Adventist institution, is to transform students through biblically-based education for service to God and humanity.