Oakwood Faculty Member to be Featured at Jamaica Choral Scholars Festival

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Audley Chambers, Ph.D., associate professor of Historical Musicology at Oakwood University, is scheduled to visit the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, to speak as part of the T. Ellis Jackson Lecture Series in the Humanities.
The Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica has established itself in recent years as a musical  tour de force  on the island, performing traditional orchestral repertoire and championing new works reflecting nationalistic elements. Historically, this kind of ensemble has its roots established in European traditions.
In his lecture “The Forgotten Past: The Colonial Roots of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica, Dr. Chambers, an expert in classical music development in Jamaica, will trace the evolution of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica today from its Colonial roots and posits considerations as it forges its path forward as a cultural institution.
Chambers will present and impart information on the less known conductor Clara Myers (1849-1929), who conducted The Jamaican Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and The First Symphony Orchestra of Jamaica.
  • What is Myers’ legacy to the development of an orchestral program and the performance of orchestral music on the island of Jamaica?
  • How did these orchestras pave the way for Sibthorpe Beckett and other pre-independence and post-independence (1962-2018) conductors?
In collaboration with the Choral Scholars Festival, Chambers will also present a pre-concert lecture on the topic “Biblical Implications and Cultural Impact: A Comparative Review of Select Sacred Music of Martin Luther and the Musical Work  Jiizas A-Go Baan,”  a musical work sung entirely in Jamaican Creole taken from the  Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment  bible and written by the distinguished Jamaican composer Andrew Marshall.

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