Oakwood Alum Stanley James Serves Fresh Vegetables “Beyond the Oaks”

Walking near his office in Bermuda earlier this year, Stanley James, M.D., ’91 , felt the Lord asking him: “Why are you paying money to keep the grass down, when you can pay that money to bring food up?”
James was shown that the plot of grass would become a platform for sharing the message of healing. “When we look at those who are sick in Bermuda, most of that population don’t have the finances to get food that is fresh and nutrient-dense,” he said.
In September, he employed JaVaughn Dill of Dill Pickle Farming to chop up the grass, fertilize the ground, and plant a garden of kale, bok choy, onions, beets, carrots, tomatoes, collard greens and other vegetables.  “It wasn’t me,” says James in response to the buzz around the garden at his practice, Premier Health and Wellness Centre , and the initiative of giving free organic vegetables to his senior patients. “The idea was literally God-inspired.” Food is our first medicine, and nutrition is the foundation of healing. ‘Show and tell’ was Christ’s method of teaching and so James is following the Master Physician. He takes his patients outside and walks them through the garden. They tell him stories of when they used to garden, and how, maybe, they can garden again.
James says his patients “have been very grateful. Our core philosophy is not prescriptions and pills and, hopefully, we can give people lifestyle practices that can maintain or reverse diseases.“It was incredibly satisfying to see the smile on the face of a senior today when I handed her some vegetables,” James said. “When I told her it was free, she looked at me twice and shook her head. She could not believe it.”
We believe that Dr. James’ serving fresh vegetables to his patients exemplifies the spirit of Beyond the Oaks, an Office of Alumni Relations Engagement Initiative that encourages all Oakwood alumni and friends to serve, as our motto states “Enter to Learn; Depart to Serve.” 

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