Oakwood Takes Fifth Spot in Producing Black Students for Medical School Enrollments

Your next cardiologist, pediatrician, or neurologist could be from your alma mater or another HBCU (Historical Black College and University). According to the Association of American Medical College (AAMC), new data shows that more Black students were accepted into medical schools in the United States in 2018-2019 than in previous years and Oakwood University is on the list again.
As one of the top feeder schools for black students in the country, according to new numbers from the AAMC, Oakwood University achieved high praise preparing students to enter the medical field as they “depart to serve.” The Journal of Blacks in Higher Educationsreports , behind other Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) like Howard University in Washington D.C., Xavier University of Louisiana, Spellman College in Atlanta, and the predominately White educational institution of The University of Florida, Oakwood University claimed the fifth spot in producing highly qualified Black students entering medical programs all around the country.
Dr. Kenneth Lai Hing, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Oakwood University, states that the reasons why Oakwood University pre-med students are successful in professional and graduate schools are:
  • “motivated faculty,
  • a student population driven for success,
  • dedicated alumni, and
  • an administrative push for resources both in and out of the classroom, which aids our students in preparing for research and professional careers.”
Oakwood University, in the l ast few years, “has become more proactive in making our graduates more competitive for the top medical schools, says Dr. Lai Hing. Dr. Nicole Haughton, ’05, a medical doctor in the Huntsville community, started an MCAT prep program for our pre-med students.”  The MCAT prep program is vital for student achievement readiness, and with additional resources, Oakwood University plans to offer all of its pre-med and pre-dental students’ opportunities to participate in the MCAT, DAT, and GRE preparation classes.

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The mission of Oakwood University, a historically black, Seventh-day Adventist institution, is to transform students through biblically-based education for service to God and humanity.