IT Intern Making a Difference at Oakwood University

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“Where is that requisition?”“Do you know where that personnel change form is?”
It’s been a long time coming, but with the help of Oakwood’s Information Technology (IT) Department, the day has finally come where those questions will be obsolete.
For several years IT and Employee Services have been working to automate the approvals of Personnel Requisitions and Personnel Change Forms, moving from a paper exercise to an automated process.
The project was recently completed by Berthier Francois, an intern in the IT Department, who is Laserfiche-certified. He willingly took the reigns after the employee formerly assigned to the project resigned. This is another exciting example of how current students can gain valuable certifications while matriculating and can make impressive impacts on the operations of Oakwood University.
Francois is pictured giving a live demonstration of the new automated method of connecting to personnel forms to the President’s Council, allowing OU management staff to practice.

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