Child Development Lab becomes Licensed Facility

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Child Development Lab

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Today, under the leadership of Dr. Elaine Isaac, the Child Development Lab is now a licensed facility. Being licensed indicates that the Child Development lab is a quality learning center. Licensing also opens doors towards government grants and funding for programs like Child Management Agencies.

The Child Development Lab (CDL) at Oakwood University began in the Family and Consumer Science Department under the Chairmanship of the late Dr. Ruth Faye Davis, and the directorship of Mrs. Barbara Warren. From the onset, the CDL had a church exemption license which prevented accreditation, and limited grants and government funding.

The Child Development Lab has a dual purpose. It serves as a research laboratory for students from the Biology, Child Development, Education, Music, Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work Departments of Oakwood University, thereby enriching the students’ experiences through observation and participation.

It is also a community service and an educational center for children ages two-and-a-half to six years. The CDL program assists children in becoming enthusiastic learners, as well as enhancing their social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. The program is designed to help children make the transition toward independence, establish self-confidence, and to develop the desire for lifelong learning within a Christian context. The CDL is moving forward. Preparations are underway to apply for acquiring accreditation.

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